Yara Zaya reveals a shocking secret to husband Jovi

“90 Day: The Last Resort” star Yara Zaya shares some shocking news with her husband Jovi Dufren in TODAY.com’s exclusive clip from the upcoming Aug. 21 episode.The married couple, whose romantic journey has been chronicled in the “90 Day Fiancé” universe of shows, joins four other couples who are experiencing relationship woes in the TLC series, which recently premiered.In the episode, the couples get together for a group therapy session and Zaya becomes emotional when she begins to break some difficult news to her husband.As she holds back tears and takes a deep breath, Zaya says, “So you know how you(‘re) always talking (about) hav(ing) a second baby and I always tell you I’m not ready, it’s just not the time? And I’ve been hiding from you I’ve been taking birth control and I didn’t tell you about that.”Zaya and Dufren welcomed their first child, a daughter named Mylah, in September 2020.Dufren, who looks visibly disappointed, takes a moment before responding to his wife.“But why would you not tell me that? I feel like that’s something we should discuss instead of you going behind my back to do it,” he says.Kalani Faagata, another star of the show, chimes in with the following response as she listens to the couple’s tense exchange.“She should do whatever she wants with her body,” she says.Yara / Jovi (TLC)Zaya then explains why she felt the need to hide the fact that she has been on birth control from her husband.”I was just thinking that it’s better for you (to) be mad at me than (me getting pregnant) and bring(ing) the baby to the world (into this) (un)healthy situation,” she says.After listening to his wife, Dufren still doesn’t fully understand why she hid such crucial information from him.”But like you think that I’m gonna try to get you pregnant without like having that plan together?” he asks.”Yea because that’s what you say, that you wanna have a baby,” she replies.Dufren elaborates on his position at this point and says, “I do wanna have a baby but I’m not gonna intentionally get you pregnant when you don’t wanna be pregnant.””I know you, right? If you want something, you’re gonna go to the end ’til you get it,” Zaya replies.In a confessional interview, the couple discusses the situation once again.”I know I can be adamant about what I want and maybe a little pushy sometimes, but I really feel like you blindsided me and you shouldn’t have done this in front of everyone,” Dufren says. “We should’ve done this in a private session with just meeting the therapist. You need to be more considerate.”Zaya sees it a different way, however, adding, “(It’s not) blindsiding you. It’s a group therapy, that’s the whole point of the therapy.”This article was originally published on TODAY.com

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