Tour a world of characters captured by Charlotte Ellis

The synthesis between all of their creative visions seemed to have happened organically, prompting them all to evolve their craft. “It was a truly collaborative experience,” Charlotte emphasises. “Our individual ideas fit together so seamlessly, forming the perfect complete puzzle,” Athena concurs. While all of them were so aligned on their point of view, it’s interesting to note how each of them have a different stand-out image. For Charlotte, it’s the black-and-white group shot with art by Kimia Amini in the background. “I think this is one of those images for me where you’re dancing on electricity, when you see every element coming together to sit in harmony,” she explains. For Lydia, it’s the overhead shot of the man lying in a cape of shells, and for Athena, it was that of the character holding woven baskets on her head.

Overall, Charlotte “hope[s] the audience responds to this in an excited surreal way”, particularly taking note of the blending of all the different motifs, inspirations and traditions from around the world. “Our goal is to remind people to always be creative,” she adds. “There is so much content out there and I feel it’s important to push yourself creatively, think of ideas that blur multiple concepts and try to make work that feels exciting to you.”

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