Stu Macher Haunts Scream 7 With His Possible Return

We are going to be so mad at Stu if he doesn’t come back.
Directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, 1996’s Scream is a self-consciously meta take on the horror genre. With its knack for callbacks, the franchise continues to honor its roots, staying connected to its origins through its iconic trio of Sydney, Gale, and Dewey. And while anticipation is high for Scream 7, fans hope for the return of one of the special OG characters.
Matthew Lillard’s Stu Macher is one of the film’s main antagonists, who terrorized the small town of Woodsboro with his friend Billy Loomis.The character of Stu is initially introduced as a stereotypical goofball and class clown, known for his carefree and seemingly harmless demeanor. However, what sets Stu apart from other Ghostfaces is his chilling lack of empathy and morality.While some horror villains are driven by a tragic past or personal motives, Stu’s actions are fueled by a disturbing desire for chaos and attention. His gleeful participation in the killings and his reckless attitude toward life and death make him a truly disturbing character.While the franchise likes to play with character deaths, the fact that Matthew Lillard’s Stu has been dead since the first film, when Sidney Prescott dropped a TV on his head and killed him, has been a stumbling block to a return. However, Matthew Lillard has been an advocate of Stu’s comeback from the beginning, suggesting that earlier plans for Scream 3 included his character surviving and getting revenge. And while his character is beloved not only by the actor and the franchise’s creators but also by Scream fans, people have even started petitions to bring Stu back.Highlighting Stu’s unfortunate history with TV screens and the ongoing Internet buzz about the possible return of one of the franchise’s greatest Ghostfaces, a die-hard fan and poster designer has even created a mock poster referencing Stu’s potential comeback and reviving discussions about his fate.Considering the clues and subtle hints given by Scream 6 that play with the idea of Stu’s survival, it’s plausible that Stu could make a comeback in the new Scream installment.Additionally, Lillard has expressed openness to returning if the opportunity arises, and as we all know in the slasher world, villains’ deaths are not always considered their final.Should Stu Macher come back in Scream 7? YES PLEASE!88%Let him stay dead…12%

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