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Now that Luke Valentine has been booted from the Big Brother house, Season 25 is in need of a new villain — and Hisam Goueli appears more than willing to fill that role.

Fortunately for us, Hisam falls into the “power-hungry bully” category of TV villains, and not the “racist loser” category that Luke did, which has kept Hisam’s Head of Household reign as entertaining as it’s been shocking. But heading into Thursday’s live eviction, Hisam and his hubris had so agitated the other houseguests — including his own Professors alliance — that it seemed Hisam’s plan to evict Reilly might not come to fruition, after all. Read on for the details of this week’s potential blindside:

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THE STRATEGY | After the Power of Veto ceremony, in which Hisam was overly, bizarrely blunt about his hopes to get Reilly out of the house, the rest of the houseguests are shocked and a little appalled by his behavior. There’s lots of nervous laughter and, “Well, he did say he was an honest player, right? So this is all fine, right? Right?!” But Hisam further aggravates his allies during the first official meeting of the Professors alliance, where Hisam steamrolls over others’ input, essentially dictates who next week’s targets should be, and even remarks, “I’d like to take a step back from winning.” (This heel turn has gotta be one of Big Brother‘s most disappointing ever, right? I was so ready to root for him!)

So, The Professors — especially Izzy, Cirie and Felicia — have soured on Hisam, and America (the contestant, not the viewing public… but probably the viewing public, too) is alarmed when Hisam starts trying to recruit potential new allies from the other side of the house, knowing that he’ll need ’em when his HOH reign comes to an end. One thing becomes clear: Hisam has got to go next week. But in the meantime, should the houseguests save Reilly from eviction and draw a clear line in the sand with Hisam on eviction night? Or should Reilly still get the boot, leaving Hisam to feel secure and powerful… only to be blindsided when he’s suddenly backdoored next week?

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THE EVICTION | …Well, the blindside was fun to imagine, at least. After all of that delicious scheming — gah, just picture the dropped jaw Hisam would have given us! — none of the houseguests opt to keep Reilly. Instead, she’s evicted by a 12-0 vote, though she does get some very sweet and lingering hugs from her fellow houseguests on her way out the door.

In her post-game interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Reilly acknowledges that there’s quite a bit of fear in the house at the moment; when it became clear, earlier this week, that the plan to save her was not going to happen, she told her closest allies not to blow up their own games by voting in her favor, thus leaving her unsurprised when the final vote was unanimous. Reilly’s a great sport about the eviction in general, and she commendably doesn’t roll her eyes at Hisam’s goodbye message: “I’m not sure why you put us on opposite sides,” he says, “but regardless, one, you are worthy, and two, you are pure gold.” Uh, OK!

Once again, the next Head of Household competition does not take place live, but there is some exciting news: Next Thursday, Big Brother is bringing back the iconic Pressure Cooker HOH comp, last seen in Season 6! Fair warning, longtime BB viewers: It may bring up haunting memories of Kaysar succumbing to Jennifer’s lies. Prepare accordingly!

OK, your turn. Were you bummed to see Reilly go? And who would you like to see as the next Head of Household? Sound off below!

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