Philips Hue Secure Camera Turns Smart Lighting Into DIY Home Security

Though Philips’ IFA announcements focused on its Hue security launch, that’s not to say there aren’t new lights. Perhaps the biggest news is an update to the Hue Festivia string lights — the company’s app-controlled multi-color holiday lights — which will now come in a 100 LED/8-meter version and a 500 LED/40-meter version alongside the original 250 LED/20-meter cord. They’re all outdoor-rated for year-round use in the garden.

Three new light effects are being added — a rainbow palette in “Prism,” rapidly changing brightness in “Shimmer,” and dreamy pastels in “Opal.”. The three string light lengths will be priced at $119.99, $219.99, and $359.99, respectively, when they go on sale in September.

Then there’s the Philips Hue MR16 smart bulb, which should be a direct swap for a 12V low-voltage bulb. White Ambiance and Color Ambience versions will be on sale in September, priced at $99.99 for a two-pack.

Finally, there are two new lighting systems. Hue Perifo is a modular track system with interchangeable pendants, spotlights, light bars, and light tubes powered by ceiling wiring or a standard wall outlet. Available in black and white, components will be priced between $19.99 and $299.99.

Hue Centris, meanwhile, is a combination ceiling spotlight with a central diffused light panel and 350-degree adjustable spotlights. Each can be individually controlled through the Hue app. It’ll be offered in white and black at $309.99 for a two-spot version or $489.99 for a four-spot.

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