Microsoft brings its actually-good Bing Chat AI tools to Google Chrome


Microsoft has expanded support for its Bing Chat AI on Google Chrome for desktop, making it available to Mac, Windows, and Linux users. Bing Chat now appears as an option at the top of in Chrome desktop browsers, allowing users to interact with the AI-powered bot. Meanwhile, Microsoft updated Bing Chat’s UI on Edge and expanded Bing Chat Enterprise availability to include both desktop Chrome and mobile Edge.

Microsoft has remained invested in Edge, but with alternatives like Google Chrome and Brave, it’s been difficult for it to win over new users. Some of its strategy has seemed to be focused on limiting the usage of its other products, like Bing AI, to Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome users, for example, couldn’t access the ChatGPT-powered tool in their desktop browsers — but that has officially changed. After slowly rolling out support with few details, Bing AI Chat is now widely supported in the Chrome desktop browser.

As of the latest Stable Channel update, Microsoft says that Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are now supported on Chrome desktop for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, it adds that support is coming for other browsers for desktop and mobile, but no timeline has been offered.

Upon visiting in a Chrome desktop browser, the Bing Chat option appears at the top of the screen. Once clicked, the screen turns into a chat window where the bot asks you to enter a query. The response includes a series of citations to show you where the AI derived the information.

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Bing Chat running in Google Chrome

Google is one of the many companies that is notably in competition with Microsoft on the AI front. Earlier this month, more details emerged on Google’s Gemini project, which is aimed at surpassing the AI capabilities of its competitors. The debut of ChatGPT was rumored to have sparked a “code red” internally at Google, shifting its focus to AI. The company brought on several team leads — including Google co-founder Sergey Brin — to spearhead the project. An anonymous source close to Gemini claims that the AI-based product could launch as soon as this fall.

In addition to providing support for Chrome on desktop, Microsoft announced today that Bing Chat Enterprise is now supported on the mobile version of Edge. It also tweaked the search page UI for readability, but it’s hard to envision these small advancements convincing alternative browser users to abandon ship for Edge.

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