McDonald’s chicken Mcnuggets came with pennies inside, Ohio woman says

A McDonald’s customer in Ohio has complained to authorities after finding out her chicken nuggets contained not only meat, but pennies.

According to Jefferson County Health Commissioner Andrew Henry, Beth Rupert-Warren of Wintersville, Ohio reported the finding to local authorities earlier this week after her daughter purchased some nuggets to enjoy during a family game night. When she bit into the chicken, however, she found copper coins lodged inside. There were three pennies in total, she told Wintersville Police.

The following day, local police reported the incident to the health department. The department promptly reached out to regional McDonald’s management to address the finding.

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“Based on our conversation, we can confirm that they have removed the contaminated chicken nuggets by lot number from stock,” Henry said in a statement. “Additional precautionary measures were followed. They have been in contact with their manufacturer about the product.”

Rupert-Warren originally shared a post on Facebook warning others to check their food but has since taken it down and replaced it with a simpler one in which she clarified: “This appears to be a manufacture matter …This was in no way an attack on the employee’s of Wintersville McDonald’s.”

A photo in the post shows a partially torn open nugget with a penny peeking out from the center.

Wintersville Police Captain Jason Fabian told local news station WTRF that Rupert-Warren promptly reported the incident to police out of concern for the safety of others.

An Ohio customer reported biting into McDonald's chicken nuggets only to find pennies inside.Download Image
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“They showed great concern that it was going to be a safety factor if a child would get their hands on the food,” Fabian told WTRF. “It could be a choke hazard.”

McDonald’s corporate, the Wintersville police and Rupert-Warren did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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