Capcom Is Releasing An Offline Version Of Mega Man X DiVE

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTubeRemember Mega Man X DiVE for mobile devices? Well, Capcom recently announced it would be getting an “offline” version and it’s now been locked in for 31st August release date on PC and mobile devices. The online version of the game will also end its service at the same time.
Unfortunately, there’s no mention of this action-platformer coming to Switch, but if we hear any updates, we’ll let you know. What’s interesting about this is there was actually a datamine of the game’s client in 2021, which uncovered “a series of strings” directly referencing Nintendo’s hybrid system.
Again, this “offline” version has only been confirmed for PC and mobile devices at the moment. It features more than 900 stages and over 100 playable characters. Rockman Corner further notes how this particular release won’t include the “online features” like co-op and battle mode, and collaborative content from other Capcom series has also been left out.
Here’s a bit more about what to expect from this particular version of the game, courtesy of Capcom:

MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline invites Hunters to embark on a digitized journey through the Mega Man X universe and investigate a game data glitch that has corrupted the Deep Log. Set in a dynamic and ever-evolving world, Hunters follow RiCO to restore cyberspace to order. Control fan-favorite characters like X, Zero, Axl, Alia, Vile, and more to defeat Mavericks and save the Deep Log across more than 900 stages. Collect rewards and customize over 100 playable characters, powering them up with weapons, armor, chips, and cards that can help overcome any challenge.

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MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline offers an array of modes for Hunters to enjoy!

Story Mode: Blast through a wide variety of stages and earn experience points to level up characters and weapons.

Event Mode: Play extra story and sub-story stages based on fan favorite Mega Man™ games.

Challenge Mode: Conquer difficult missions such as time trials to advance through the levels of data-verse and travel up the Jakob Orbital Elevator.

Pre-orders for MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline are available starting today on Steam for MSRP $29.99.

Would you be interested in a Switch release of Mega Man X DiVE Offline? Leave a comment below.

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